The research agenda of Metaphor Geeks involves projects that aim at understanding metaphor structure and functioning, in relation to its variation across cultures, and modalities of expression.

Ongoing projects and collaborations are:

FILMIP, Filmic Metaphor Identification Procedure. PhD fellow Lorena Bort-Mir, Associate Professor at the GReSCA Research Group, Departament d’Estudis Anglesos, Facultat de Ciències Humanes i Socials at the Universitat Jaume I is currently developing a filmic metaphor identification procedure for her PhD thesis. Supervised by Ignasi Navarro i Ferrando at her home institution, Lorena will be advised by Marianna Bolognesi as a formal PhD visiting fellow at Metaphor Geeks for more than 3 months, starting from June 1st 2017. The aim of her stay at Metaphor Geeks is that of working with dr. Bolognesi on the implementation of the FILMIP procedure and its application to a small set of instances.

Embodied simulations and task-specific conditions: linguistic and situated processing strategies are task-dependent. Set of behavioral experiments conducted in collaboration with Dr. Diane Pecher at Memory Lab, Rotterdam University, NL.

Simulating Concrete and Abstract concepts: an empirical study. In collaboration with Prof. Alessandro Lenci and the CoLing Lab we are designing a series of eye-tracking experiments aimed at investigating the differences among types of simulations triggered in participants who are asked to imagine, respectively, concrete or abstract concepts.

VisMet: the creation of an annotated online corpus of visual metaphors. Scientists involved: dr. Marianna Bolognesi, prof. Gerard Steen, Romy van den Heerik, Esther van den Berg. In collaboration with the Interfaculty research center Network Institute (VU University Amsterdam), we are currently working on adding to the corpus a dataset of crowdsourced tags that have been collected in an extensive online crowdsourcing task. Scientists involved: dr. Marianna Bolognesi, Benjamin Timmermans, prof. Lora Aroyo.

Visual synaesthesia in print advertising. Exploring and classifying different types of synaesthesias exploited to convey commercial messages, in print advertising. In collaboration with dr. Francesca Strik-Lievers.                  

COGVIM Visual metaphor cognitive grounding: how do abstract concepts emerge from concrete images (wrapping up the EU Marie Curie awarded COGVIM project (2015-2017, n° 629076 – FP7-PEOPLE-2013-IEF).

Posted April 13, 2017